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There are two versions of the FanUpdate script available for download from this site:

FanUpdate 3        FanUpdate 2.2.1


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Welcome to FanUpdate

Welcome to, the place to download the latest version of the original light-weight blogging script – FanUpdate. The script can be used to start your own blog or simply to organise and publish your website's content. Give FanUpdate 3 a try: it's simple, it's powerful, it's free. You can also visit

FanUpdate Features

Visitors can easily comment on your entries and have their own avatars. Spam filters and comment scoring systems help protect your site from abuse.

Organisation is made easy with the use of Categories, leaving you to concentrate on producing amazing content.

Super easy templating systems make personalisation simple. You have complete control over your content with FanUpdate.

If you're concerned about the security of CuteNews and don't want a bulky script like WordPress, then maybe it's time you tried FanUpdate.

FanUpdate is easily installed and only requires a PHP and MySQL enabled host.

Need a host? Join the Parade...