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There are two versions of the FanUpdate script available for download from this site:

FanUpdate 3        FanUpdate 2.2.1


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About FanUpdate

FanUpdate was created by Jenny Ferenc, who used to run a site called She made FanUpdate available for download via her website.

Jenny then moved on from FanUpdate and closed her website but the high demand for her script continued. People still seek out the script, but have difficulty in finding a copy and that's why this site was set up.

FanUpdate is such a good script that it shouldn't be lost in the depths of cyberspace. wants to immortalise the script and share it with the world.

As far as we know, we provide the most up-to-date original version of FanUpdate available. We also have a lightly modified version (FanUpdate 3) in which we have re-designed the look and feel of the script, linked back to this website and implemeneted some security updates. Remember you are allowed to change the script to suit your needs. redistributes the FanUpdate software because under the terms of the GNU licence, we are allowed to, but we are not associated in any way with Jenny Ferenc.

We really hope you enjoy using this much sought-after script and remember to spread the word that FanUpdate is once again available to download!

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